Faced with the recrudescence of the refusal of credit households having the capacity to repay their loan, SWIFT CREDIT SERVICE proposes a complete range of credits adapted to the people in need. Thus giving credit to individuals our business, we make available to our customers a particular know-how, combining banking skills and human qualities (listening, understanding).
Founded in 2008 in Jalhay, the institution today has more than 39,600 clients extending beyond French borders in several countries of the European Union.

Today, SWIFT CREDIT SERVICE has several employees, a national call center based in Langon and is registered with ORIAS (Organization for the Registry of Insurance Intermediaries) under the number 18 003 455 (available on www.orias.fr).

SWIFT CREDIT SERVICE is today one of the best in the field of consumer credit 100% independent. A position that allows us to offer you the best possible loan conditions, and provide you with a high-end service. More than 39,600 satisfied customers, and a national coverage that extends daily


A reference institution in the field of personal / professional credit.

You can contact us for more details on our financing proposals.